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Hailing from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Alyssa Palmer has felt a calling to country and rock music for as long as she can remember. Alyssa began writing songs at age 12 and has been captivating audiences ever since. With a powerful voice and thoughtful lyrics, the Michigan native delivers a sound that incorporates elements of country, rock blues. It is her authenticity and passion for connecting with her listeners that pours from every line of her songs. 

Alyssa's newest single, "All Screwed Up" is available now on all streaming services. 

  • Alyssa's eagle tattoo symbolizes Stevie Nick's lyrics "She rules her life like a bird in flight"

  • Alyssa has been playing guitar and writing songs since age 12

  • Her greatest musical influences are Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Carole King and Linda Ronstadt

  • In 2019, Alyssa won the esteemed 906 Got Talent competition in her home state of Michigan, as well as the Tin Roof Cantina Acoustic Competition in Atlanta, GA which rewarded a grand prize of $14,000

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